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Sell Your Luxury Car Fast with Our Consignment Program

When it comes time to sell your high-end car, you may not know where to start. Classified ads can be a hassle and dealing with buyers yourself can be time-consuming and risky. That’s where our consignment program comes in. Acton Auto Boutique will handle all the details of selling your car, from advertising to final sale, and we’ll take a commission on the sale price.

How consignment works

Most people are familiar with how consignment works when selling jewelry, clothing, art, or furniture through a local shop. The store takes a commission on each item that is sold, and the seller gets the rest of the money. It’s a great way to unload unwanted items without the hassle of finding buyers yourself. The same principle applies when selling a car through our consignment program.

When you come to us to sell your car, we’ll work with you to come up with a fair market value for your car and then advertise it on our website and other online platforms. We’ll handle all negotiations with buyers and take care of the paperwork when the sale is final. You’ll get paid promptly and without any hassle.

Benefits of consignment

There are many benefits to using the Acton Auto Boutique consignment program:

You don’t need to meet with strangers.

If you’re shy, retired, or simply too busy, then dealing with potential buyers is a hassle that you can avoid by letting us do all the work.

You don’t need to worry about haggling.

Some buyers may try to lowball you on price, but our team will handle all negotiations with buyers to get you the best possible price for your car. This is especially advantageous if you don’t know what the fair market value of your exotic car is, which is very common.

You don’t have to deal with paperwork

We’ll take care of all the necessary paperwork when the sale is final, so you can relax and get paid without any fuss.

You don’t need to waste time posting ads and showing your car over and over again

We’ll take care of all the advertising for you and we’ll only show your car to qualified buyers. This means that you won’t have to waste time or energy dealing with tire-kickers or people who are just curious about your car.

We will be your trusted intermediary

When you sell your car through us, your buyer will be more willing to buy is knowing that it has been professionally inspected, updated, and taken care of. Furthermore, you retain ownership of your car until it sells, so the only way for us to make money is if you do first.

Comparing consignment with other popular ways to sell your car

Here are other common methods of selling your luxury car that people tend to use (and why consignment is a better option):

Selling to a dealership

While this is a good option if you’re trading it in to buy another car, it will also guarantee that you net less than you would anywhere else. It may be the quickest way to offload your vehicle, but it is certainly not the way to get the most that you can out of it. Keep in mind that online retailers like Carvana also call into the “dealership” category.

Selling it yourself

If you want to sell privately, then you will need to spend time finding buyers and dealing with them personally. People who are serious about buying your car will be willing to pay more through our consignment program because they know that there are no risks involved for them. While this means that you don’t have to pay an intermediary for anything, you will likely spend a lot of time on things that you don’t want to do. The cost of selling a car on consignment is far worth the time and effort saved.

Selling it on classifieds websites

This is a popular option, but it can be time-consuming and frustrating. You will need to take pictures, post ads, and answer questions from buyers. And if you’re not comfortable negotiating prices, you may lose out on a lot of money.

Selling at an auction

This is a good option if you have an exotic car that is in high demand. But if your car is not in top condition, or if there is not much interest in it, then it probably won’t be worth any of your time at all.

How to consign with Acton Auto

If you’re ready to sell your luxury car, then our consignment program is the best way to go. Here’s how to get started:

1. Fill out our consignment form.

This will give us a basic idea of your car (including the make, model, and year), the condition it’s in, and the price you’re hoping to get. You will also include your contact information so that we can get back to you once we receive the form.

2. Bring your car in for a consultation.

Our team will take a closer look at your car and we’ll give you a more accurate estimate of the fair market value from one of our consignment pros. They will handle all aspects of the inspection and base your valuation on what they see.

3. Discuss or recommend pre-sale conditioning or upgrades to add value to your car.

Sometimes, there may be small things you can do to improve the value of your car. From small cosmetic changes to deep, extensive mechanical work, we’ll look at your car and make quality recommendations for any type of pre-sale conditioning or upgrades that would help sell it more quickly.

4. Sign a consignment agreement.

Once everything looks good on both of our ends, we’ll have you sign a consignment agreement. This is a legally binding contract that outlines the terms of the sale, including the commission we will take and when you can expect to be paid.

5. We list your vehicle on our website and other online platforms.

Once we’ve agreed on a price and you’ve signed our consignment agreement, we’ll list your car on our website and other online platforms as well as physically display it to in-person buyers. We will also handle reconditioning of your vehicle as well as listing photographs, COVID-19 compliant test drives, and financing options should your buyer need to make payments over time.

6.  Wait for your car to sell.

We will take care of all the advertising as well as show your car to potential buyers. When a buyer is interested, we will negotiate on your behalf to get you the best possible price for your car. We’ll handle all negotiations with buyers and take care of the paperwork when the sale is final as well as certify and guarantee buyer funds.

7.  Get paid!

Once the sales process is taken care of, you can rest assured that you have earned as much as the market would be willing to pay for your luxury vehicle.

Now that you know a little more about the Acton Auto Boutique consignment program, there’s no reason to wait any longer. Fill out our form today and let us help you sell your luxury car quickly and easily.

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